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Soil-powered bulbs – a ground-breaking discovery | 4lite

Ground-breaking lightbulbs – which are powered purely by nutrients in the soil – will be lighting up gardens across the UK thanks to new ‘Garden Bulb’ lighting now on sale in the UK.

Engineers in the research and development department at 4lite have come up with an innovative new technology that harnesses the energy in soil to power specially designed lightbulbs, brightening up flowerbeds across the country.

4lite’s new ‘Garden Bulbs’ use organic soil matter to power a special bulb which harnesses electrons released in decomposing soil, creating an electric charge and instant lighting.

Rachel Morris, Marketing Manager for 4lite, said: “Soil-powered bulbs are the latest tech to have in your garden, giving the perfect glow and helping you make the most of your outside space, flowerbeds, pots and patios. Our engineers and design team have been working so hard on this bright idea, which has been years in the making. Simply plant your soil-powered ‘Garden Bulbs’ right next to your spring bulbs and watch them instantly light up your garden.”

The LED ‘Garden Bulbs’ have a lifespan of 15,000 hours and are rated as 7W – equivalent to 60W.

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