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The Latest Outdoor Lighting Trends

In 2024, four specific features are leading outdoor lighting trends.

Consumers are looking for products that combine smart technology, sustainability, security, and stylish, hard-wearing designs. Simon Shenton, Head of LED Product Development at Luceco, explains how wholesalers can make the most of these trends in the products they purchase.

Smart technology

The emergence of smart technology in outdoor lighting allows for ease of control by the end user. With a one-time installation, consumers are able to control timers, scheduling and ambience all from an app or smart home system, making them an easy all-round choice for outdoor lighting.

Luceco’s Castra Floodlight, part of the Luceco Smart Lighting Range, is a fully controllable, sustainable lighting solution with dimmable lighting, timers, scheduling and group control. It can be controlled through the BG Home app as well as Google, Amazon and Apple home hub speakers.

Utilising intelligent smart meshing that operates using a home Wi-Fi network without any risk of overloading it, wholesalers can ensure the end user of a simple set up with the reassurance of safety and quality. Innovations like this allow wholesalers to offer more while stocking less, providing a better customer experience.


Choosing an eco-friendly lighting option that can help save money as well as the planet is becoming increasingly important consideration for installers as well as end users. From LED lighting to solar power, multiple options are available on the market, but few have been designed around installer feedback on their requirements and market demand.

Luceco’s Solar Floodlight range allows for customisable installation, with the solar panel mountable to the light fitting or separately. An 18 hour run time on a full charge of eight to 10 hours can put the consumer’s mind at ease to know their premises are fully lit at night with auto night light settings and an adjustable PIR sensor. This also means the 100 per cent energy savings free LED light in only on when needed, so the battery stays charged in the day and provides full brightness at night.


Adding floodlights to a property is a great way to feel safe and secure at night and gives homeowners a level of reassurance. A consumer may sometimes equate floodlights to industrial stadium lighting, but residential floodlights provide enough power without encroaching on neighbour’s homes and are also small and discreet so will not be an eyesore on a property.

The Luceco Floodlight Essence represents a leap forward in outdoor lighting technology. Its combination of ease of installation, durability, energy efficient and smart features make it the ideal product to stock for an end user seeking top-tier outdoor security lighting.

The light has a two part installation bracket for easy access quick and simple installation and the groundbreaking patented Fit & Tilt multi-position ball joint allows for easy positioning and unlimited adjustments over time.

Built to withstand the outdoor environment and powered by high-efficiency LED chips, the Floodlight Essence is a great option for wholesalers looking to stock a reliable all-round product.

Style and substance

It’s great when you can have a light that is smart, sustainable and secure, but in highly curated settings like gardens, consumers are looking for something that is also stylish in the daytime.

The Solar Guardian Wall Lights from Luceco are designed for outdoor use with a polycarbonate body but look sleek and modern. Combining solar power technology with security and presence detection mode settings, these lights require no mains power and are available in black and white finishes.

Outdoor lighting can look good and be hard wearing, and wholesalers can provide an option, so consumers do not have to compromise. A product like our solar wall lights provide a choice to the consumer that ticks all the boxes of the newest trends, creating a light that we are confident will give wholesalers the opportunity for sales growth and stock turn from limited floor space. They also offer great value for money.

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