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Software solution options tailor made for wholesalers | Kerridge Commercial Systems

As more and more businesses look towards integrating digital solutions there is often a need to reassess software requirements. PEW hears from Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) on some of the options that are tailor made for wholesalers.

The need for flexible, forward-thinking ERP software has never been greater for businesses. Electrical wholesalers have had to adapt to changing circumstances in recent years – and in many cases, their ERP solution has been integral to their ability to trade more profitably.

Improve efficiencies and trade smarter

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) provides business management software that has helped electrical wholesalers trade in different and smarter ways. Several key features of its K8 industry-specific software have made this possible, by equipping users with the functionality they need to future-proof their business.

“A key benefit of K8 is that it’s so easy to use,” explains David Monteith, Commercial Systems Manager of Eyre & Elliston. “When new people join the business, they often say that K8 provides twice as much information as other software they’ve worked with previously – it has really paid dividends for us.”

Any growing business will appreciate the need for a scalable software solution. Adding new users to an ERP system is essential, and this is made easier by the cloud-based software from KCS. The cloud eliminates the need for businesses of any size to buy physical servers. It’s quick, easy and affordable to increase capacity by adding extra user licenses without the need to invest in additional hardware. Plus, the IT infrastructure is outsourced, so there is no requirement to invest in local skills to maintain systems. The experts will do it all on your behalf.

Cost is another reason why many electrical wholesalers have chosen to move to the cloud, because adding licenses when required makes this an affordable alternative to using traditional on-site servers.

Grant & Stone is one company that has invested in cloud-based software from KCS. Managing director for Electrical, Darren House, explained that this particular deployment method had delivered several benefits for the company.

“The ongoing costs of the cloud are fixed to a certain degree, so you know exactly what you are going to pay,” he said. “We don’t have to worry about our local server suddenly going down, or suddenly having to stick more RAM in it to cope with increased demand.”

Put data security in the hands of the experts

Data security is never far from the headlines and as electrical wholesalers typically deal with large volumes of information, it should never be overlooked when choosing a software solution.

Selecting a reputable ERP provider will ensure that best practices are followed regarding data authentication, access control and encryption.

KCS follows the strictest possible standards when it comes to data security, providing its customers with the reassurance and confidence that all their information is safe when stored on its cloud-based servers.

This enables electrical wholesalers’ IT departments to focus on other business areas without regularly backing up data.

Prepare for a digital transformation

Software built for electrical wholesalers opens them many business opportunities, including the potential to expand into new digital trading environments. Additionally, KCS’s range of mobile apps and fully integrated ecommerce platforms are designed to facilitate new digital ways of working.

Electrical wholesalers are now able to serve both trade and retail customers online, enabling them to trade 24/7 with KCS’s ecommerce solutions, a route to market the industry is embracing, as David Monteith, Eyre & Elliston Commercial Systems Manager, highlights.

“There’s no time to stand still in the marketplace. I think we are seeing an increasing trend towards online trading. The days when a contractor would stop for a cup of coffee in the morning and place their order for the day are being replaced with a shift towards customers ordering online for collection or delivery.”

“Apps such as K8 ePOD – the electronic proof of delivery solution – have made it easier to deliver goods safely and efficiently,” Stewart Moore, Branch Manager of CED, Cannock, explains. “ePOD manages the customer delivery cycle quickly and easily using an app. It’s simple to check off and confirm deliveries, capture names and signatures electronically and automatically inform branch staff of any issues so they can swiftly be resolved.”

“ePOD needs to be part of our business,” Stewart continues. “You can see these signed PODs on the system, download them and send them to the customer if needed – it’s brilliant!”

Looking forward to a digital future

The industry is waking up to a digital era and it can only reap the benefits. The shift towards a more digital way of working has been on the cards for electrical wholesalers for a while. However, it is clear that the recent pandemic accelerated this pace of change, and it has become evident that digital technologies are here to stay.

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