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Scolmore’s cabling solutions

Having expanded its warehouse capacity to meet the growing demand for its extensive range of products, Scolmore was able to look to group company Unicrimp for the required cabling solutions for its vast 252,000 sq. ft facility.

The 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations 2019 (BS7671) came into force on 1st January 2019 and contained significant changes that relate directly to fire safety and the performance of installations should a fire occur. All cables throughout an installation (not just in escape routes) shall be secured with fire resistant cable supports and fixings, i.e. fully metallic cable clips, ties, and fixings, including within plastic cable management systems.

With a total of 18 distribution boards required to cover the electrical supply across the huge warehouse facility, a vast number of products from Unicrimp’s regulation-compliant Q-Fire range have been installed as part of the cable management solution.

As well as securing the expanse of cabling accommodated on the ground floor space, a new mezzanine level has been created to accommodate significantly more storage space. In addition, a new charging point facility for the company’s fleet of electric forklift trucks has been installed.

The 18th Edition wiring regulations stipulate that cable support systems must be constructed with materials that will withstand premature collapse caused by direct exposure to heat. There are no applications excluded – trunking, conduit and cabling fixed to surfaces of the building or attached to cable support systems must all have fire-resistant supports in place.

All products within Unicrimp’s Q-Fire range meet BS7671 (18th Edition) requirements and are designed to prevent cables from premature collapse during a fire and in doing so, to keep emergency services and the public safe. The Q-Fire range currently comprises Fire-safe Twin and Earth Cable Clips, Saddle Clips and P Clips, Stainless Steel Mounts, Metal Cable Cleats, All-Round Banding and Masonry Screws.

Expanded choice

The comprehensive range provides installers with an expanded choice of fixing solutions, suitable across a range of applications and environments – helping them to satisfy the latest wiring regulations.

Products used to secure the cables throughout the warehouse facility include fire safe metal cable clips, cable ties, saddle space bars, glands, all-round banding, stainless steel mounts, metal cable cleats and connectors. Cable ties have been used in cable containment; the glands in the distribution boards and rotary isolator switches; the cable cleats have been used to secure armoured cable to walls and the metal saddles have been used to mount metal conduit to the walls for cable containment.

Last year the company extended its Q-Fire range to incorporate 18th Edition compliant fire-rated Metal Twin and Earth Cable Clips in red and white options. These fire-rated T&E Cable Clips are manufactured from zinc plated carbon steel and are available in two sizes – 1-2.5mm and 4-6mm – and in a choice of uncoated or with a grey PPA LSF coating. The LSF coating provides long term protection for metal clips, as well as added protection for the cable during and after installation.

The company also added 20mm and 25mm white metal Saddle Bar Spacers to its Q-Fire range last year. They are an ideal solution for providing support and spacing between conduits and mounting surface and their use will help installers to comply with the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations.

Every effort should be made to use cable products of the highest quality to ensure that risks are minimised. All Unicrimp products are manufactured under stringent quality control systems and are fully compliant with the very latest industry regulations.

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