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Ring has upgraded its MAGFlex Twist to conform with EU laws that are coming into force and provide a new, better and brighter inspection lamp for professionals in a host of different industries.

In line with EU law that states that by the end of 2024 all consumer electronics must use USB-C charging, Ring has adapted its RIL3600HP, or more commonly known as the MAGFlex Twist, to comply with these new laws and has therefore launched the RIL3600C.

As Ring was adapting the MAGFlex Twist, the product and development team decided to continue to upgrade this lamp alongside its new charging port. Consequently, instead of just one light output, it now has two – high (450 lumens) and low (250 lumens). The new model also has an updated charge status indicator, so it’s clear to the user how much battery life the lamp has and if it needs additional charging. Furthermore, if it does need charging, it will no longer take four and a half hours: with this new model, it will take just two and a half hours to charge fully.

To ensure it’s as compact as possible, and therefore easier to move around, something that is essential in many industries, the RIL3600C is slightly smaller than the previous model but keeps the magnetic base and rear, so users can easily attach it to metal surfaces and be hands free, although it also comes with a hook if there is nowhere to magnetically attach it. It is also robust as it is IP65/IK07 compliant, and has a waterproof design and construction, so it can be used in all environments.

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