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Editor, Michael Connolly tells readers why PEW is worth a read.

It’s been a busy few months for me, traveling up and down the country visiting various manufacturers and wholesalers to find out more about what is a diverse, interesting and ever-changing industry. At PEW our aim is to offer wholesale professionals all the practical, new product and business advice they need to run a prosperous business in what is an increasingly challenging market. I am certainly looking forward to the challenge and I hope that you find this publication useful, or at the very least, it’s something to keep coffee rings off the table!

Being ‘green’ to the industry, it has been fascinating to learn about what issues are impacting wholesalers and manufacturers nationwide, not least of which is the perceived growing trend towards installers buying cheap products online. Is this an issue troubling you? Are installers looking for more affordable options on the web? How much value do customers put in to brands they recognise? And, crucially, do installers still value their traditional supply chain and familiar face-to-face service? I would never claim to have all the answers to what are complex questions, which are sure to evolve over the next few years, but there is certainly some interesting data on the future of the market.

A recent report from the European Electrical Installation Monitor suggests that, British installers, alongside Poland, are most open to ordering products from China over the next five years, as well as using private labelled brands, when compared to their European counterparts. Although these projections have been taken from a small survey group (1,200 installers), they should still act as a warning to the traditional supply chain, which continues to face pressure from online re-sellers. We all know the benefits of supplying and using quality brands, so perhaps now is a more important time than ever to ensure you educate your customers about the need to use trusted names, and the added value that a good face-to-face wholesaler/installer relationship can bring to everyone.

Of course feedback is king, so we’d love to hear more about what you’d like to read in the magazine and feel free to get in contact if you have any industry issues that you’d like to get off your chest – email us at: mconnolly@hamerville.co.uk

Have a good month.

Michael Connolly


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