Home Opinion Is it time for the electrical industry to get smart?

Is it time for the electrical industry to get smart?

Editor, Michael Connolly discusses the benefits of a uniformed approach to smart technology.

As most of you will be aware the smart revolution, although not new, is steadily gaining momentum. The new wave of product ranges seem to be growing by the day and along with that we can only hope that a recognised quality and installation standard comes with it. With my ear close to the ground, I am hearing murmurs that certain manufacturers are looking to set up schemes to improve the aforementioned installation standards.

As ever, the government reaction to new industry goings-on is reactive rather than proactive – as is the case with smart technology, leaving it to the industry to improve education and standards. Could a uniformed approach to installation and buying and selling benefit the end user? At this relatively early stage, home automation largely revolves around convenience for end users, one can only assume that a uniformed approach would help protect your customers and end users alike.

Moving away from regulations, on the subject of education, 49% of UK consumers are now familiar with the features and benefits of smart home products according to recent research by Ernst & Young. It also shows that when considering the methods Brits use for getting advice on smart home technology, most would do so by directly contacting a smart tech manufacturer (41%). This shows that the consumer has cottoned on to the new technology and that, despite almost half the people in this survey knowing something about it, they still require further help and education. Once again, this is where the wholesaler – donned in well-polished armoury mounted upon a steed – can save the day. The distributor plays a key part in pushing the message from the manufacturer, whether directly to the consumer or through your customer enquiring about the latest smart thermostat. So this begs the question; are you ready for the smart revolution?

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Michael Connolly