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GridPro | A new unique range from Scolmore

GridPro from Scolmore is an extensive range of interchangeable mounting plates and modules, available in a number of finishes – offering flexible, modular grid solutions. PEW takes a look at the range to see what options are available for your customer.

With a number of unique features, the new range offers contractors a modular wiring solution, allowing them to take on a variety of projects from domestic through to bigger, more complex commercial installations.

What’s new?

Unique to GridPro is the screw attachment feature, which means that no yoke is required for any modules when using 1-4 gang plates – the modules can be screwed directly on to the plates. With some products on the market requiring yokes to be purchased as separate components, you can offer your customer a time-saving solution.

Another cost and labour saving feature is the universal GridPro yoke, which means a single yoke can be used for any Click plate styles (with the exception of Definity). Tabs on the yoke are removed with a snap to allow the yoke to fit into the back box.

Where a yoke is required on the multi-tier plates (6-24 gang), there is a clip attachment on the top and bottom of the module which allows for fast and easy removal and assembly of the module to the grid yoke either by hand or small tool. All modules come with fully backed off captivated terminal screws for ease of assembly.

Part of the gang

The 1 to 24-gang grid plates are available for each of the existing Click wiring accessory ranges – Deco Plus, Deco, Definity, Define, Mode, Polar and Metal Clad. All switch modules are 20A rated – making them ideal for commercial applications.

More than 600 individual products made up the overall range when it was first launched in 2017. Since then Scolmore has continued to invest in the range and this led to the introduction in early 2018 of a special in-house laser etching service across all GridPro modules. The idea behind this was to add value to an already successful range and help installers to save time and money. The module etching is done using a specially acquired laser printer, which produces a precise, permanent, fine marking effect and offers flexibility to suit large volume orders or for customised jobs.

Offering more

With this in-house facility, Scolmore is able to offer a fully bespoke service to customers, who will be able to order customised laser etched modules to suit the range of projects they are working on. 14 of the most popular printed legends will be produced – including dishwasher, cooker hood, washing machine, fridge freezer – and they are available in all the GridPro module finishes, providing a huge selection for customers to choose from.   Scolmore is also able to offer a bespoke service if required.

The most recent development with GridPro has been the addition of a range of media modules that will widen the appeal and applications for the range with specifiers and contractors. Launched last September, these new modules are fully compatible with the GridPro range and have been designed to allow a combination of power and media modules within the same plate.

A total of 16 media modules have been added including USB, VGA, Satellite, TV, Telephone, RJ11, RJ45 CAT-6, RCA x2, Loudspeaker x 2, Audio Jack, HIFI, HDMI, Time Delay and Buzzer modules.

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