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Cattano launches SocketMate

Cattano has today launched a new solution designed to help electricians fit socket plates correctly on the first attempt.

The SocketMate is a new product for an old problem. When electricians fit socket plates to back boxes, repeated adjustments are often necessary before the socket is level. By simply fitting a SocketMate, the electrician can be sure the plate is level first time, every time.

SocketMate is a spirit level which plugs into electrical sockets, which aims to simplify the socket-fitting process for the electrician. They can check the socket is level as they fit it – no need for repeated re-adjustments which saves time in every application — whether it’s a single socket installation, a full rewire, or a 1000-home new build project.

Peter Gaukrodger, Director at Cattano, comments on the reaction the product got when visitors at ELEX were given a sneak peek earlier this year: “We previewed the SocketMate at the ELEX show at Alexandra Palace in January and it was a great success. Electricians saw its benefits straight away just from seeing the product at a distance.”

SocketMate features include a contoured profile for easy access to the fixing screws, a lipped flange for easy extraction, and a central bevel above the vial, allowing the bubble to be viewed without the need to bend down. SocketMate is available to order from the Cattano website and is now being rolled out to stockists.

Cattano develops and distributes award-winning products for tradespeople. The company works with talented inventors, designers and manufacturers to produce innovations that save time and solve problems.

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