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Ovia introduce NEW Dali Dimmable LED Driver range

Scolmore Group company, Ovia, has introduced a new range of 240V Universal Dali Dimmable Constant Current LED Drivers to its commercial lighting offer.

These new products are designed to enhance Ovia’s commercial LED Panel offering and means that Ovia now offers a digital dimming solution for its Inceptor Slate and Jura LED Panels.

The Dali dimmable LED drivers are available in 29-48W and 38-69W variants to maximise their potential across a range of applications. The DIP Switch component will be supplied pre-set to a specific configuration, with the option to be manually reconfigured to any one of the range of specifications available by following the instructions printed on top of the driver.  The DIP Switches are located under the removable termination cover.

Inceptor Slate is Ovia’s premium LED Panel range for the commercial sector. It is available in three different sizes – 600mm x 600mm (30W) in Warm White and Cool White; 1200mm x 300mm (30W) and 1200mm x 500mm (50W) both in Cool White.

They are designed to fit standard panel sizes, making them an ideal retro fit for existing, less efficient lighting options.

They are IP44 rated, come pre-wired with Fast-Fit Flow as standard and can be surface mounted, recessed or suspended. They have a very low UGR rating of < 19, which guarantees a reduced glare for a comfortable working environment, and they come with a 5 year warranty.

The Jura commercial LED Grid Panel is part of Ovia’s economical range of lighting and is an ideal replacement for a number of same size fluorescent fittings.  It is available in a 600mm x 600mm size, with three colour temperature options – Warm White (3000k), Cool White (4000k) and Daylight (6000k).  It comes supplied with driver and fly lead and offers a 3 year warranty.

With the new Dali drivers compatible with Inceptor Slate and Jura, contractors now have a digital dimming option available across premium and economical LED panels, providing them with products to suit a range of projects including hospitals, hotels, offices and shop floors to name a few.


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