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ProGARM launches lightweight range

ProGARM, has launched a number of lightweight PPE garments including a new coverall as well as waterproof trousers and jackets.

The products will provide comfort and durability to the wearer, keeping them cooler during the warmer weather whilst not compromising on protection.

In fact, these products utilise an advanced composition technique, which creates lighter fabrics that are still highly durable. The fabrics have also been tested to impressively still meet anti-static and FR requirements after 100 industrial washes.

Equally impressive was the results when the coverall fabric was tested for durability through 100,000 abrasion cycles. These garments serve to extend ProGARM’s existing range of coveralls and waterproofs, with the key differences being that they weigh significantly less.

These lighter weight options allow businesses and operatives more choice in how they protect themselves, layering garments and not having to wear heavier and high protection garments when the job they are doing doesn’t need that.

The waterproof jackets and trousers are available in both two-tone yellow and navy as well as high-vis orange, meaning they are certified for the rail industry. The jackets also feature seamless shoulders to improve comfort for when workers are wearing a harness, and feature a removable hood.

Mark Lant, technical expert at ProGARM, comments: “This range shows just how committed ProGARM is to giving workers the best protection against an Arc Flash, whilst providing the ultimate in comfort.

“Garments that are too warm leave operatives tempted to roll up sleeves or undo their jackets – both of which compromise their protection against an Arc Flash. Our lightweight range is designed to combat this, providing long-lasting protection, whilst also helping workers stay cool and comfortable.”

These garments are exciting new additions in ProGARM’s growing collection of specialist Arc Flash PPE and demonstrate how we continually bring innovation and lead this market.

These garments will be used across many different industries that are at risk such as power generation, petrochemical, rail and utilities to prevent serious harm or death. The coverall is the lightest the company has ever produced and features inherent VXS+ fabric, providing the same tear and tensile strength, as ProGARM’s 6458.

For more information visit www.progarm.com

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