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Any opportunity to generate revenue can’t be ignored by a wholesaler. The pennies make the pounds and the pounds stack into their hundreds. That’s why wholesalers need to look far and wide and sometimes out of the box to find new revenue opportunities.

Unilite are a company that specialise in these types of products, with innovation driving its expanse in product types and functions. Within these brackets it has created a unique work light that it thinks will prove to be a massive hit across multiple disciplines. This is the SP-750 speaker light, which combines an ultra-bright work light with a powerful 5w Bluetooth speaker.


Unilite is of course known for its lighting products and the lighting output of the SP-750 doesn’t let anyone down. A bright, 750 lumen COB LED provides a widespread working light and is supported further by a reflector. This can be dimmed twice allowing for an extension in runtime if required. On the top of the SP-750 is an additional, 300 lumen flashlight which is great when a longer range pointed beam is needed. This is the kind of utility that helps to sell it as more than just a work light, with the potential to use it around the house, when dog walking, or even camping.

Of course, one of the most standout features of the SP-750 is its integrated 5w Bluetooth speaker. This is connected easily to mobile phones and other portable devices, enabling the user to play music through Spotify, iTunes, internet radio, or any other mobile audio. Again, this makes it a perfect multi-utility product and great for any kind of tradesperson or as use as a leisure product.

Clean technology

If disposable batteries were used to power the SP-750, they would require up to 500 times more electricity to produce than they can release themselves. Combined with the energy consumption for transport and storage, the CO2 emissions are huge. With a powerful lithium rechargeable battery, it can therefore be promoted as an ecofriendly and low running cost light. An innovative type-C USB charging cable provides a quick and rapid charging option for the light.


The SP-750 allows for multiple positioning by the end user with a magnetic, multi-positional stand/handle/hook. This means it can be hooked or placed conveniently around a car, stuck onto the side of a boiler, hooked onto the loop of a tent and positioned under a cupboard, showing that the customer can use the SP-750 for tasks outside of a sparks’ usual domain. Offering a product that has multiple uses in their day to day work as well as in, their leisure time, could give that customer that extra nudge needed to make the sale.

Additionally, the stand makes it perfect for displaying on a trade counter and compliments one of Unilites metal display stands well, allowing customers to try the light out for themselves when waiting in a branch and as something that will catch their eye from a distance. This combination helps it to sell itself and provides a useful trickle of income for a wholesaler. It is also packaged in a double wall box with strong branding.

 Proven success

Stocking Unilite lines has been proven to be a great addition to branch sales. A midlands wholesaler that took on some of the multi-purpose products comments: “The Unilite lights are great as they have such a wide reach on social media, people are aware of them and often come into the branch to ask for them. We then have them near to the trade counter so when customers are queuing to be served, they’ll see them, pick them up, maybe ask a question, or just pay for them along with their other goods. It’s great for branch sales as it adds a steady trickle of revenue, but can also lead to other questions about the range.”

With lots of product features, the multi-utility SP-750 light/speaker is an absolute winner for electricians and other professionals. These features allow the product to be used not just at work, but also for jobs at home and at leisure time. This, combined with the strong product branding, merchandising and extensive social media coverage, means that the SP-750 should be a key player in generating branch sales.


To download the Unilite professional lighting guide, visit: https://unilite.co.uk/


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