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Linian’s new earth rod pro range


LINIAN’s new EARTH ROD PRO range has been designed to make earth rod installation faster, safer, and simpler, boring through hard top layers and underground rock to achieve a secure earth rod connection in under 2 minutes!

The EARTH ROD PRO has two components – a reusable Standard SDS+ DRIVER (Product code: 1LERPD) or MAX DRIVER (1LERPM) and a sacrificial tip BIT (1LERPB). Simply attach the EARTH ROD PRO – DRIVER to one end of a standard 5/8” copper earth rod and attach the EARTH ROD PRO – BIT directly to the other end of the earth rod. Using an SDS+/SDS MAX Drill, the rod can then be rapidly installed directly into the ground. The carbide tipped BIT will chew through any rock and debris, remaining in the ground after installation. Earth rod installation made rapid!

Available at wholesalers now. For more info visit: https://www.linianclip.co.uk/earthrodpro/ or call: 0141 465 4858.

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