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Latest ultra-flexible LED strip lighting to debut ELEX show

New flexible LED Strip lighting will be making its debut on the LEDVANCE stand at ELEX Coventry this year, taking place at the Ricoh Arena, 19-20th September 2019.

The new flexible lighting will be on show alongside LEDVANCE’s extensive portfolio of intelligent lighting solutions, lamps, and modern LEDs, ideal for any indoor or outdoor project.

New LED Strip lighting:

The new system of ultra-flexible LED strip lighting and accessories from LEDVANCE covers a wide variety of requirements for professional tailor-made indoor and outdoor ambient, cove or general lighting applications. Available in three categories, superior, performance and value, they differ with regard to ideal application, lifetime, IP rating, number of LEDs per meter and therefore light output and distribution.

With colour temperatures ranging from energising, daylight white 6,500 kelvin to warm white 2,700 kelvin, and lumen packages from 300 to 2,000 lumens per meter, the LED strips are suitable for virtually any lighting task in a modern lighting concept and can achieve a broad spectrum of exciting possibilities. To save time, all LEDVANCE LED strips are pre-wired on both sides and can easily be shortened if necessary. They also all come as protected and unprotected versions, in other words with or without a silicone jacket for protection against dust and water.

Additional highlights at the show include:

The 1906 range of vintage lamps from LEDVANCE that offer an energy efficient retro look in any room. Using the classic shapes and colours, the Vintage Edition 1906 range create atmospheric decorative lighting yet feature the latest LED technology, offering up to 80% energy cost savings compared to conventional products, and have a life span of 15,000 hours.

The Damp Proof Range of luminaires from LEDVANCE are ideally suited to dusty and damp locations due to a high IP rating, and provide the three key requirements of professional users: simple installation, excellent efficiency and a long service life. Installation is easy thanks to retaining brackets that can be freely positioned along the length of the luminaire. Electrical installation can be completed without the requirement of tools as the luminaire comes with wiring already preassembled.

Ideal for office buildings, the LEDVANCE LED Direct/Indirect Panels deliver excellent glare reduction (UGR < 19), and a 70% direct and 30% indirect distribution of light. In addition, the microprism structure of the acrylic glass optimises light diffusion. With a wide range of accessories and add-ons to choose from, the Panel luminaires can be adapted precisely to fit the requirements of each individual office environment.

An exciting range of outdoor luminaires will also feature on the stand, offering simple installation and energy efficient lighting solutions that are weatherproof and robust for outdoor building facades, car parks, gardens, pathways and driveways. The bright and functional outdoor LED luminaires are characterised by an attractive design using high quality materials and a high-end finish, providing an appealing, warm white illumination for a welcoming atmosphere.

The TruSys flexible trunking system from LEDVANCE offers energy-saving uniform illumination for large areas. This versatile system consists of mounting rails and flat linear lighting inserts that installers can quickly and easily click into position, either mounted on the ceiling surface or suspended. The flexible design of TruSys enables installation as either stand alone or a continuously mounted lighting system in rows of up to 81 luminaries, achieving an overall length of up to 124 metres.

Join the dedicated LEDVANCE experts throughout the ELEX show to discuss your latest projects and requirements, and discover the ideal solutions to help light the future in commercial, industrial, hospitality, and office installations.

For more information on LEDVANCE please visit: https://www.ledvance.co.uk/

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