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An electrician’s daily grind often includes cutting through rigid steel conduit and stripping steel wire armoured cables. To save time and effort KNIPEX has a range of cutters, including the ground-breaking TubiX.

Using just one hand and effortlessly locking and adjusting to the perfect size thanks to the innovative QuickLock mechanism, the KNIPEX TubiX Pipe Cutter cuts pipes and conduit ranging from 6-35mm in diameter, handling wall thicknesses of up to 2mm with ease. When it’s time for a new edge, the tool’s no-fuss design allows for instant wheel replacement – the spare is tucked neatly into the handle and there’s no need for any tools to make the change.

The KNIPEX BiX meanwhile is designed for plastic pipes. Fitting snugly in your palm and slicing through high-temperature plastic drainpipes and electrical conduits, it cuts without leaving shavings.

Whether its unreinforced plastic pipes ranging from 20-50mm with wall thicknesses up to 2.4mm, or soft plastic and foam-core pipes up to 3.5mm thick, the KNIPEX BiX handles it with clean, sharp precision. Two spare blades are integrated into the tool itself when it’s time to pack up, a secure locking mechanism guarantees safe transport.

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