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KNIPEX: Electronic Super Knips XL

For ultra-fine cutting work, such as the thinnest of wires, KNIPEX Electronic Super Knips series has been manufactured for more than three decades. These ultra-slim electronic cutters, without bevel, have very sharp precision ground cutting edges with shaped tips that can even cut wire on a board.

By observing customer habits, KNIPEX became aware that these extremely sharp, light and handy cutters are used for a lot of cutting works beyond workpiece dimensions that are regarded to be parts of electronic elements, e.g. shortening cable ties with a full flush cut or diverse cable cutting operations. To offer users more stability for those applications, KNIPEX has developed the Electronic Super Knips XL.

Offering two more centimetres in length, 30% longer cutting edges and 27% thicker material, these pliers are still lightweight, weighing in at just 77g, and easy to manoeuvre. The stainless steel rivet in the joint allows for extremely smooth movement which reduces operator fatigue. The handles have multi component grips which makes the workpiece easy to hold and very comfortable.

The cutting edges feature a controlled micro-offset that hinders the razor sharp cutting edges from blunting themselves when hitting after the cut.

The KNIPEX Super Knips come in two versions:

  • Model 78 03 140 is made from air- hardened, stainless surgeon steel
  • Model 78 61 140 is made from special tool steel, multiple stages oil hardened, the cutting edges have been additionally induction hardened

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