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JCC Lighting achieves carbon neutrality

JCC Lighting has become a carbon-neutral organization, seven years ahead of its 2030 target. This significant milestone takes Leviton’s commitment to becoming a carbon neutral group another step forward.

In 2022, Leviton announced its climate change goal to achieve company-wide carbon neutrality by 2030 and its ambition to achieve Net-Zero Carbon by 2050. This carbon neutral journey involved a multi-faceted approach that encompassed various key areas:

Renewable energy adoption: Since moving to the 86,000ft2 facility Lux Park, JCC Lighting has transitioned its electrical energy sources to predominantly solar power. The roof is adorned with 1,300 solar panels, significantly reducing carbon emissions. In addition to this, a fleet of cars has been replaced with hybrid vehicles along with the installation of EV charge points at head office.

Product development: JCC has continued to drive improvements across product lines with a focus on energy efficiency and ease of installation. By designing and manufacturing products that are environmentally responsible JCC empowers customers to make sustainable choices without compromising on quality.

Carbon offsetting: Recognising that some emissions are unavoidable, JCC has invested in a carbon offset project. The first project chosen is solar electricity production in the Indian Rajasthan state.

Steve Kirby, Managing Director of JCC Lighting, commented: “At JCC Lighting, we understand the urgent need to address climate change. Our journey towards carbon neutrality has been challenging yet rewarding, and it reflects our commitment to being a responsible organization, supporting Leviton’s goals and empowering our customers to provide sustainable solutions.”

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