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Ovia | Solar powered lighting

Ovia has announced solar powered lighting products to add to its expansive portfolio.

The new LED security floodlight, Zonne, has a radiant 8W output, casting a 4000k temperature glow at 950 lumens. The fitting is IP65 rated and has a takes 5-6 hours to fully charge. There are also two working modes – Mode A, 3~5 nights and Mode B, 2~3 nights. Designed to be installed at 4 meters high, it comes with 3 meters of connection cable. Additionally, the Zonne is equipped with an adaptable and easily adjustable solar panel and its fitting can be disconnected and used as a torch.

Zontor, the new LED streetlight, is a powerful 40W or 15W solar panel with advanced LED technology, resulting in an output of 4800 lumen on the 40W model and 1600 lumen for the 14W model. Casting a 4000k colour temperature glow, the light can be adjusted 20° up and 10° down for solar charging. Designed slim and modern, it thrives in demanding environments, with its IP65 rating to ensure unwavering performance.

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