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Ideal Industries invests in keeping staff safe


Ideal Industries is embracing technology to continue keeping staff safe as lockdown restrictions ease with the Orbi-Trace social distancing system.

Developed by Casella, a company owned by Ideal Industries Inc, the Orbi-Trace system comprises wearable tags, which emit an audible or vibration proximity alert if members of the team breach social distancing parameters programmed into the device. The system can also provide effective contact tracing and real-time location data to deliver a complete social distancing for the Ideal Industries team.

The sophisticated ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity in the wearable Orbi-Trace tags detects distances with accuracy within just 10cm. Ideal Industries will deploy the tags in combination with wall-mounted anchor units, enabling the management team to revise risk assessments and one-way systems based on detailed data.

Brett Smyth, general manager EMEA of Ideal Industries, explains: “While we’re expecting all COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted soon, as an employer, we are mindful that the risk of infection will remain for some time, particularly in light of what we know of new variants. We wanted to deploy a system that will enable us to keep social distancing in place as part of a long-term staff wellbeing strategy.”


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