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Sangamo’s range of timers and heating controls


ESP is a leading supplier of heating control products through the electrical wholesale channel, with its Sangamo range of timers and heating controls. Here, product development manager, Matt Parton, gives some insight into the current market for residential heating.

The 15th edition of the ‘Residential Central Heating Market Report UK 2021-2025 Analysis’ has recently been published by AMA Research. The report represents an informed and up to date review of the residential central heating market and now includes heat pumps. It cites the UK residential central market as substantial, with an estimated value of around £1.2 billion at manufacturers’ prices in 2020.

In June 2019, the UK became the first major economy to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming. The target will require the UK to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. As a result, it is likely that the type of products used to centrally heat UK residential homes will change considerably in the near future. For example, the Government Future Homes Standard, to be introduced by 2025, will require all new build homes to be future proofed with low carbon heating and world leading levels of energy efficiency. This will include the use of renewable heating technologies such as heat pumps as an alternative to boilers, and as such these have now been included in the market calculations.

Central heating is installed in around 92% of UK residential homes, with market penetration remaining at a similar level over the last 5 years. Gas-fired systems currently account for the majority of installations.

Smart heating controls

Over recent years this market has benefited from more stringent energy efficiency legislation and the introduction of new technologies such as smart heating controls. According to further research – the Domestic Central Heating market report (2018-2022) – also from AMA Research, smart heating controls are likely to take market share from conventional heating controls in the longer term.

In 2017, it was estimated that around 30% of heating controls sold by value were smart heating controls. This figure is likely to increase to over 45% of heating controls sold by value by 2022. There is a growing awareness of the benefits of smart heating controls. UK householders are becoming much more environmentally aware and are using smart heating solutions in order to minimise energy usage and to save money. It is estimated that around 5% of UK homes now have smart heating controls installed.

The heating market is mature with central heating installed in around 92% of UK homes. However, growth potential still exists, through product innovation designed to improve thermal performance, energy efficiency and control.

The shift to smart heating controls is likely to be gradual and a large number of homeowners are expected to continue with conventional solutions. The primary focus of many suppliers will be key benefits such as ease of use and convenience for customers.

Climate change

The trend towards low carbon homes in the UK will continue to grow, largely due to the measures introduced as part of the Climate Change Act. This will result in homeowners adopting a wider range of heating technologies in both new housing and existing properties, to deliver an energy efficient heating environment.

Increasing legislation around energy efficiency represents a major influence in the long-term development of the domestic central heating market. The UK smart heating controls sector has evolved as part of the smart home market and is expected to show good levels of growth to 2022 and beyond.

Sangamo’s Product Development Manager, Matt Parton, adds: “We know that the market for smart home products has exploded in recent years and advances in technology continue to make them much more accessible to everyone. In the current climate, with concerns about job security and diminished household incomes, it makes sense that people will want to control the heating and manage their bills.”

Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat is something that installers can easily add to their customers’ home heating, allowing householders to control and monitor the room temperature and thermostat activity from anywhere in the world, via an app on a smart phone or tablet.

The Sangamo Wi-Fi Thermostat launched last year offers energy efficient programming and remote access via the Sangamo choice app. It has been designed to be straightforward to install and operate and is suitable for electric, gas or oil systems.

With energy efficiency top of the agenda for the economy, businesses and householders, ESP made the decision earlier this year to invest in the development of its Sangamo range of timers and heating controls. A key aim of the revamp was to introduce features that will assist with efficiency and performance and that will ultimately drive down energy usage and costs.

Energy efficient heating range

The new-look Sangamo offer can be broken down into four main product categories – Timer Controls, Thermostats, Programmable Thermostats and Programmers – with a total of 15 products making up the comprehensive range. 

Timer Control

The Timer Control collection of products is designed for simplistic ON/OFF manual or scheduled control for heating and lighting applications. The range has been expanded with a total of three new products, each one introducing the addition of a fused spur switch for additional protection for high loads.


The Thermostat range of products, designed for controlling heating systems via an electronic sensor, now totals five products.

 Programmable Thermostat

The Programmable Thermostat range of products are designed for controlling heating applications via an electronic sensor or programmed schedule, and ESP has added one new product to this range. All thermostat products have been upgraded and now offer TPI (Time Proportional and Integral) control for heating efficiency. In addition, the programable thermostats include an optimization feature; Optimum Start/Delay Start and Optimum Stop, for extra efficiency.


The Programmers are designed for heating and hot water controlled independently across separate channels via a programmed schedule. A total of three products make up this range varying from 1-3 Channel options and including an optional service interval function to assist with Gas Safety Regulation compliance.ESP believes this new, comprehensive offer will make it easier for contractors to select the right solutions for the project in hand and will provide wholesalers with a greater choice of products that will encourage upselling.

To learn more about the Sangamo range of timers and heating controls, visit https://www.sangamo.co.uk

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