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Does the Sirena TWS range stack up?

Switchtec supplies the Sirena TWS stackable light tower with sounder modules for greater versatility and performance

Available from specialist distributor Switchtec, Sirena’s TWS range of light towers provide visual and/or audible indication of the status of a wide variety of process machines, vehicles, lifts and other factory and industrial equipment. TWS is Sirena’s most complete range of modular and multifunctional stacklights purposely engineered for the automation industry

The TWS range includes the new TWS “S” multifunctional SuperBright LED module offering no less than four effects, namely steady, flashing, strobe and a new random effect. Exhibiting versatility, six different dome colours are available: blue, amber, red, green, yellow and clear.

The TWS RGA is a multicolour, SuperBright LED module with colours from one module: green, amber and red. Also available the TWS A+ is an electronic sounder that has 16 different tones, a maximum sound level of 93dB and a high degree of protection for a sounder of CE/IP65 GOST UL/NEMA 3R.

TWS S, TWS RGA and TWS A+ offer an excellent degree of protection and operate from 12/24V AC/DC and 90/240 VAC supplies. All three modules are available in base unit colours of grey or black.

The basic principal of any light tower is to provide a quick visual indication, warning or notification. Most light towers are pre-assembled and have to be ordered in the required colour sequence, voltage and illumination type and are manufactured as a complete item.

Sirena’s TWS family provides flexibility to customers, stockists and distributors by the use of a modular system. The customer simply orders the colours they need, output type (flashing or continuous), then by use of Sirena’s simple assembly mechanism, stack the colour modules in the order required.

This expanded TWS range from Sirena builds on the success of the original TWS that was known for its ease of assembly and flexibility. However its 70mm diameter was often too large for customer’s requirements. Smaller diameter lights towers were available from other manufacturers, but lacked the TWS’s stackable flexibility. So Sirena developed the Mini and Baby TWS to address this demand. That’s a total of five ranges with the following diameters: 36, 55 and 70mm.

For more infromation please visit: https://www.switchtec.com/Products/sirena-modular-light-towers

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