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Test your knowledge | Distribution, Switchgear and Protection

Welcome to the latest in our series of quick quizzes, designed to be a bit of fun but a business benefit too. In this issue we are focusing on Distribution, Switchgear and Protection, one of the EDA’s suite of 12 distance-learning training modules – part of the Product Knowledge Programme.

Professional know-how to drive sales

Although each wholesaler business is different, it is estimated that around 18% of the products sold by businesses like yours fall under the heading of Distribution, Switchgear and Protection.

Improving your team’s technical know-how through the EDA’s training could unlock additional revenue for your business. This training covers:

  • Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  • Distributing Electricity within a Property
  • Protection and Control Devices
  • Additional Protection
  • Supply and Metering
  • Specialist Applications such as intelligent circuit breakers, surge protection, and modular wiring systems

Years of knowledge to give your team a commercial edge

City & Guilds accredited, this training programme harnesses decades of combined expertise from product experts at EDA manufacturers and allied trade associations and creates an accessible and practical training opportunity for you and your people.

Test your knowledge

Have a go at the quiz sampled from the Distribution, Switchgear and Protection training Textbook.

Check your answers at the end – but no peeking. If the results show that you need to boost your team’s know-how, talk to the EDA today.

Professional training made easy

If you’re a manager looking for a flexible and convenient way to train your team to drive sales, get in touch on 020 3141 7350 or email training@eda.org.uk

Test your knowledge

Q1: What does ‘DNO’ stand for?

Q2: What are the voltage tolerances for an LV electrical supply?

Q3: Give the names of the two current ratings of a circuit breaker?

Q4: What is the purpose of an SPD?

Q5: What is MODBUS?

Q6: Will pushing the ‘T’ test button on an RCD ensure it is always working accurately?


How did you do?

Full marks: fantastic, you’re entitled to call yourself Professor for the rest of the day.

3 – 5 out of 6: not bad. Could the EDA training help you to fill in any gaps in your knowledge?

Less than 3: the EDA Product Knowledge Programme could be just what you need to boost sales.

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