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EDA Insight modules: Distribution, Switchgear and Protection Quiz

The EDA’s Product Knowledge Modules help businesses like yours create cross-selling and up-selling opportunities by building knowledge and confidence.

These training modules have won a Princess Royal Training Award so you can be assured of their value.

Distribution, Switchgear and Protection is one of 12 training courses in the programme and offers the knowledge that underpins the other 11 modules in this EDA series.

E-learning option

All the EDA training modules are now available in a digital format via the EDA Academy, an e-learning portal.

Distribution, Switchgear and Protection training module covers:

  • Generation Transmission and Distribution
  • Distributing Electricity within a Property
  • Protection and Control Devices
  • Additional Protection
  • Supply and Metering
  • Specialist Applications

Years of knowledge to give your team a commercial edge

City & Guilds accredited, this training programme harnesses decades of combined expertise from product experts at EDA manufacturers and allied trade associations to create an accessible and practical training opportunity for you and your team.


Have a go at this quiz sampled from the Distribution, Switchgear and Protection module. Then check your answers below. If the results show that you need to boost your team’s know-how, talk to the EDA today.

Q1: What is another name for a distribution circuit?

Q2: What are the different ways of producing electricity?
Q3: What are the Building Regulations?

Q4: Do RCDs prevent electric shock?
Q5: Name 5 elements you can measure with a meter.

Q6: What is MODBUS?










Q1: A sub main.
Q2: Fossil fuels, nuclear and renewable.
Q3: The minimum standards for the design, construction, and alterations to buildings.
Q4: No – they only limit the current flow to a safe level.
Q5: Instantaneous and maximum rate of usage demands, voltages, power factor and      reactive power used.
Q6: A communications protocol.


Full marks: Well done!

3 – 5 out of 6: Not bad. Could the EDA training help you to fill in any gaps in your knowledge and help you progress in your career?

Less than 3: The EDA Product Knowledge Programme could be just what you need to boost sales.


There’s plenty of information online at www.eda.org.uk including video and downloadable Course Directory, giving you a summary of what’s covered in each of the 12 training modules. The EDA team is ready to help.

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