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Discover how UV-C can help keep your employees and visitors safe

Discover how UV-C can help keep your employees and visitors safe from COVID-19 and other pathogens

Due to the worldwide SARS-CoV-19 pandemic situation, more and more companies have realised that to keep their business moving, the most important thing is to make sure their customers and employees are safe.

UV light technology is one of the most effective and trending sanitation tools available today to destroy the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-19 and all other viruses and bacteria. The technology is not new; we have known about the disinfectant properties of ultraviolet radiation for nearly 150 years and for the past 85 years, have used low-pressure mercury arc lamps to kill bacteria and to deactivate viruses. With a pandemic paralyzing the world and unknown infectious diseases looming in the future, this clean and safe technology offers an effective way to destroy pathogens.

Companies such as the 125-year-old Tungsram Group have an almost century-old history with UV-lighting. Scientists from its world-famous industrial research laboratory have written publications in 1933 and 1934 that have described the use in mercury lamps as providing “healing UV lights”. Since then generations have grown up in different parts of the world benefiting from the sanitation effects of UV lamps.



UV-C sanitisers allow businesses to provide a clean and safe environment for their customers and employees by effectively and safely sanitising their products and tools.


UV-C is an effective tool to fight against most pathogens, including SaRS-CoV-2.


Based on UV-C radiation intensity measurements within the sanitisers, 5 minutes are sufficient to eliminate 99.99 % of most common pathogens.


Easy to operate by any employee with no special training requirements.


UV light exists naturally, creating no waste from by-products. The lamps within the unit are fully recyclable.


No harsh chemicals are used in the process and occasional use of UV-C light is not likely to damage the sanitised objects.


The UV-C sanitiser provides the ability to rapidly sanitise items used by staff and visitors throughout the facility. It allows the rapid sanitisation of shared equipment like hand tools such as drills or screw drivers, remote controls, key or door access cards, safety glasses and other PPE gear provided to employees or visitors.

As an additional service, staff could also be offered to sanitise mobile phones, car keys for personal and pool vehicles, as well as forklift truck keys.

The speed and efficiency of the sanitiser not only assists your staff keeping equipment sanitised and available for use, but also provides further protection by reducing the risk of cross contamination.

UV-C chambers are very easy to use. It can eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria from your products and business tools in as little as 5 minutes by simply placing any object inside the UV-C box, switching on and waiting for the item to be cleansed of pathogens.

UV-C Sanitiser cabinets come in several different sizes to suit your business, with radiation time that can be adjusted if increased exposure is required. This clean and safe technology offers an affordable and environment-friendly way to kill or deactivate pathogens and is a long-term solution for eliminating viruses. ​ No known micro-organism is resistant to UV-C light, as it breaks through an organism on a cellular level, effectively scrambling its DNA and RNA.​

These UV-C Sanitiser cabinets have been designed and developed with the utmost care for safe usage, with no harm to human or animal health. They are free from ozone and chemicals and are compliant with the highest standards and all necessary regulations in the EU.

To find out more, please, check: https://uvsanitizer.tungsram.com/

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