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Carl Kammerling International (CKI) has purchased Clipacore

Carl Kammerling International (CKI) has purchased Clipacore brand, a revolutionary tool system designed to eradicate a common and dangerous problem for users of core drills.

Its purchase by CKI means that Clipacore will quickly become widely available to tradespeople across the UK.

Clipacore is a clip release system which allows users to change and remove core bits from drills quickly and effortlessly. Dismantling a core drill after use often requires physical strength and brute force, as torque tension locks components together.

Clipacore was conceived by a heating engineer who broke his hand hammering a wrench to change a bit – a course of action likely to be familiar to anyone who regularly uses a core drill.

The other issue with core drilling is waste concrete becoming wedged in the tool, another problem which has been solved with the Clipacore system.

The Clipacore system is now distributed into the plumbing and heating sector through CKI subsidiary Nerrad Tools, available for purchase in store this Spring. It will also soon be available as part of the CKI portfolio of brands alongside, C.K Tools, C.K Magma, avit and Kasp Security, with wider distribution anticipated later in the year.

It’s expected to become an essential part of a toolbox for anyone who drills holes in walls using a core drill, whether for electrical conduit, water pipes, waste pipes, boiler flues, exhaust vents or any other reason.

Tom Meyerratken, MD at CKI, says: “At CKI, we produce high quality hand tools that meet the most demanding needs of trade professionals. Clipacore offers a solution that so many of our customers really need, so it’s a natural fit. The easy-to-use range is going to cut out a real source of frustration, saving users’ time and effort. We’re excited to share it with our customers.”

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