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C.K Tools | Making Life Easier

With over 100 years at the forefront of hand tool manufacturing, C.K Tools knows what it takes to produce high quality, innovative products that help customers drive sales. Here the company lists its range designed to make life easier for your customers.    

As electrical specialists, C.K is able to offer an excellent choice of hand tools and cable routing solutions, designed to meet the most exacting standards of professional electricians, with a focus on performance, durability, accuracy and strength as the key requirements to consistently produce the best results.

Working with professionals also gives C.K great insight into what works best to make tasks much easier.  Its extensive range of innovative products does just that, allowing customers to stock the best product options for professional tradespeople.

Product innovation highlights

C.K ArmourSlice SWA Cable Stripper (T2250)

Designed specifically for professional electricians, the award-winning cable stripper provides a fast, clean and safe method of stripping SWA cable.  The usual method for stripping SWA cable can be slow and cumbersome and is often carried out by using a hacksaw and trimming knife.  It can also result in an uneven cut of the wire strands, causing potential damage to the inner conductors.  ArmourSlice offers the perfect solution, is 50% faster than conventional SWA stripping methods, making it a must-have product for electricians.

C.K Conduit Bush Wrench T4755

This product features an innovative head design, which allows for all sizes of conduit bushes to be tightened/untightened, even when cabling is in place.  Zinc phosphate coated, with tough alloy steel for increased strength and durability, this high quality product also has a soft grip, tri-lobe handle for exceptional comfort and control.

C.K MightyRods PRO

Designed to combat the issues of painful splintering and snapping, the C.K MightyRods PRO cable rods bring total peace of mind by offering a 100% splinterproof solution and a safer working environment.  These unique cable rods encompass a fusion of advanced technological features to deliver the ultimate cable rod performance. Each cable rod is treated with the durable SplinterSHIELD coating to prevent harmful splintering, without sacrificing that all important flexibility.  On top of that, these superb MightyRods PRO cable rods boast a tensile strength in excess of 275kg, thanks to their MightyFIX system, to provide additional strength and allow for hassle-free cable routing.

C.K VDE Approved Screwdrivers and Pliers

C.K offers a whole host of VDE approved Screwdrivers and Pliers which have become must-have items for professional electricians’ toolkits. This includes a range of C.K dextroVDE Slim Screwdrivers which provide easy access to recessed screws.  Designed to eliminate the need to remove insulation and compromise safety, they are slim enough to fit into the tightest of spaces, yet still offer outstanding strength and feature active torque feedback for an extended working life.

C.K has also developed a wide range of premium quality RedLine VDE safety Pliers, offering great features and benefits.  Manufactured from special alloy steel, drop forged, hardened and tempered for exceptional strength and durability, the RedLine VDE Pliers range includes induction hardened jaws for long term performance.

Tina Skinner, Marketing Director at CKI comments: “We always look at new ways to help our customers drive sales and believe that the ongoing development of C.K’s innovative product range is key to building widespread trust amongst professional electricians. This allows customers to confidently stock the best options for those looking for high quality, great performing products which, in turn, offers exciting opportunities to increase sales.”


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