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Ovia UK | Leading the way with fire-rated LED downlights

Mike Collins, Sales Director with Ovia, looks at how the company continues to lead the way in developments in fire-rated LED downlights.

It was 2005 when the first fire-rated downlight was launched within the electrical contracting sector. The product was the FlameGuard fire-protected and acoustic-rated downlight and the manufacturer was Scolmore Group company, Ovia. Since then, the company has continued to innovate and drive the market by adapting its fire-rated downlights range to meet the changing construction environment and associated legislations.

New guidelines from NHBC on recessed light fittings have provided the industry with its most recent challenge. With the increasing use of I-joists as part of floor construction – around 70% of new build homes feature engineered timbers joists, as opposed to solid timber joists which dominated the market 20 years ago – the National Housebuilding Council (NHBC) has updated its technical guidance on recessed light fittings in ceilings to intermediate floors in houses. As a result, the NHBC now requires test evidence showing that recessed downlights are suitable for a similar I-joist and plasterboard combination. 

Testing times

Ovia Lighting’s full range of Inceptor and FlameGuard fire-rated downlights have always been subject to the strictest test measures to ensure they offer full compliance and have the corresponding test certification to meet the very latest regulations.

As such, they have all been tested for fire resistance compliance with all ceiling types – solid timber, I-joists and metal web joists.

The company has recently successfully completed further fire resistance testing to demonstrate that its fire-rated downlights satisfy the new guidelines issued by the NHBC. The testing was carried out by Efectis – a major player in fire science, covering all fire safety expertise in testing and modelling, certification and inspection around the world.

The new test consisted of a 30 minute I-joist construction – 220mm I-Joist; 15mm Type A Plasterboard and 22mm Floor Deck (which Ovia believes to be the most common construction types now used within the industry).

All fire-rated downlights from the Ovia INCEPTOR and FLAMEGUARD ranges formed part of the test. 

Today, Ovia offers a fire-rated LED downlight product to suit virtually every installation requirement.

The focus continues to be on developing products that offer the very best in quality and features, represent excellent value for money and are designed to optimise performance, energy savings and safety.


Ovia Inceptor Omni

Ovia’s Inceptor Omni is a fire-rated, dimmable downlight – rated for 30, 60 and 90 minutes.  It is one of the original, premium Inceptor products first launched in 2017.

With flexibility and ease of installation as vital attributes, its key features are an adjustable colour temperature switch allowing the selection of colour temperatures to suit the installation, interchangeable fixed and adjustable bezels, and an insulation support bracket for use when insulation is present.

It comes pre-wired with Flow connector the pre-wired connection system that speeds up installation and allows faster removal for testing and replacement of components.

Ovia Inceptor Nano5

Ovia’s Inceptor Nano5 is a compact, fire-rated, dimmable downlight, which packs an array of features into its shallow profile. The high-performance, 4.8W LED downlight is suitable for a variety of domestic applications.

There are two models Inceptor Nano5 Fixed and Inceptor Nano5 Adjustable, which allows the luminaire to be moved and directed to where light is needed.  Both feature a compact, high-powered driver which is suitable for installation in a fire rated ceiling and incorporates the Flow Connector.

Inceptor Nano5 Fixed is designed for a 60mm cut out, to fit a recess depth of 45mm, while the Adjustable version is designed for a 75mm cut out, with a recess depth fitting of 54mm.

Inceptor Nano5 offers a 30, 60, and 90 minute fire rating, and is acoustic and airflow compliant. It utilises the latest LED technology and the custom-built, multi-faceted lens creates a halogen-style lighting effect.

There are 12 products in the range, with both the Fixed and Adjustable Bezel designs available in three finishes White, Chrome and Satin Chrome and in two colour temperatures, warm white and cool white. The fixed bezel has an IP65 rating, and IP54 for the adjustable.

Pico FG

Inceptor Pico FG – a fire rated, fixed integrated LED downlight which offers a cost-effective LED solution and is ideal for installations where the void depth is limited and fire rating is required.

As well a fire rating of 30, 60 and 90 minutes, Pico FG has a number of additional benefits.  It is supplied with a pre-attached fly lead rather than terminals to make installation quick and easy, thus saving time on the job by the installer. It is also compatible with the Insulation Support Clip, which allows installers to lay thermal insulation directly over the Inceptor Pico.  The Insulation Support Clip creates a 20mm air space above the driver which allows air to circulate and cool.

It has a 50mm and has an adaptable cut-out to fit apertures of between 70mm and 75mm in diameter. The height of the spring brackets has been increased to allow the product to be installed in ceiling thicknesses of 36mm.


The award-winning FlameGuard downlight range offers a collection of GU10 downlights and downlight housing – all of which have been tested to withstand fire at 30, 60 and 90 minute intervals.

Located inside the top of the downlight and around the outside of the body, the FlameGuard seals are manufactured from an intumescent material that expands in the event of fire. As the material expands it fills the ventilation holes in the top of the downlight and also seals the ceiling cut-out.

Fitted to all FlameGuard downlights as standard is a moisture seal, which prevents warm moist air from passing into the cold space above a ceiling where it could cause condensation to form.


To learn more about Ovia and its range of fire rated downlights, head to oviauk.com

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