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Breathing Buildings has added to its award-winning natural ventilation with heat recycling (NVHR) range with its new NVHR 1700.

This larger unit is ideal for leisure centres, halls, sport facilities, shopping centres, offices, schools, and other buildings with high heat gains, with the NVHR 1700 offering excellent ventilation and thermal comfort. Meanwhile, in school classroom applications the NVHR 1700 now allows one unit to be specified rather than two, which means a simpler and quicker installation.

Breathing Building’s NVHR 1700 offers enhanced natural ventilation with hybrid technology in a slimline, compact, lightweight and energy efficient unit. The unit is designed to fulfil the ventilation needs automatically with its demand-controlled equipment, best-in-class flowrate, low noise levels and low energy consumption. The NVHR 1700 leads the way in efficiency with specific fan power levels as low as 0.08 W/l/s and in larger applications provides airflow rates as high as 540l/s.

The NVHR 1700 also boasts other additional benefits beyond Breathing Building’s current NVHR range of products, since one single unit can be used to ventilate a room or space rather than two smaller units. As a result, when installing the NVHR 1700 only one penetration through the external façade is needed rather than two and only one external weather louvre is required. Plus, since there is only one unit to wire to less cabling is required during installation and only one power supply and one fuse spur are needed. All these benefits save time and so costs when it comes to installation. In addition, the NVHR 1700 also features an upgraded user interface which makes it easier for occupants to control the ventilation and so achieve the indoor air quality and comfort required.

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