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BDR Thermea Group donates €500,000 to support Ukraine war victims

BDR Thermea Group, the parent company of Baxi, is shocked by the invasion of Ukraine and strongly condemns this aggression. To help the Ukrainian people and show our solidarity and concern, BDR Thermea is donating €500,000 to an alliance of 11 humanitarian charities including the Red Cross, Oxfam Novib and UNICEF.

Our top priority is the safety of employees in Ukraine, where we have a small sales & service office. We are in constant contact with these employees and are supporting them financially as well as with accommodation and transport as needed.

BDR Thermea Group colleagues in various countries have launched initiatives to support refugees and provide help. In the UK, a fundraising effort has begun at the company’s Preston site this morning. “We are horrified by this war and stand in solidarity with its victims: people suffering inside Ukraine, people who have fled the country, and friends and family all over the world,” said BDR Thermea CEO Bertrand Schmitt. “By donating, we want to play a part in helping those affected by this humanitarian tragedy.”

Karen Boswell, UK & Ireland Managing Director, said: “We deeply sympathise with the people of Ukraine who must endure this terrible act of war in their country, as well as all those with friends and family in Ukraine and all our employees of Ukrainian descent. “’One team’ is a core value of BDR Thermea Group and that has never been as true, relevant or urgent as it is now,”

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