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Aico and CEF sign Commercial Agreement with the Electrical Industries Charity

Aico and City Electrical Factors (CEF) are delighted to have signed up to the Commercial Agreement programme with the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC), a new initiative in the industry which gives Commercial Agreement partners the opportunity to commit a small donation from a product, product range or service sold.

Aico has always strived to diversify its fundraising strategies, with two full time Community Liaisons who work to strengthen all aspects of Aico’s relationship with the local community, including charities. This pledge from Aico alongside CEF is the latest initiative to increase support to those who need it most.

Aico’s Managing Director, Neal Hooper, commented on the partnership: “We both recognised the need to diversify fundraising for the Charity because of the pandemic. In person events are incredible fundraisers but that revenue stream was taken away, so it came down to what else can we do? While business was still being done, and trade if anything was on the up, it seemed only right to try and give the Charity what we can. CEF is the second largest distributor in the UK, Aico is the third largest manufacturer in the UK, so a simple way we can give back is by doing business.”

CEF’s Commercial Director, Andrew Moseley, added: “We had previously raised money through product sales for the EIC and it worked really well. It meant we were creating meaningful sums of money for the charity without changing what we do as a business. For a company like ours it makes fundraising easy. We can support our entire industry by conducting our business. The promotion is about ensuring the EIC receives the support it needs from the people who use the services.”

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