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Vent-Axia is well equipped to provide on-trend fans that tick all the right boxes for electricians and their customers.

With any bathroom renovation, ventilation is key to ensuring good indoor air quality (IAQ) and freedom from condensation and mould. As consumers spend more than ever on updating their bathrooms or adding en-suites, it’s important that electricians are also up-to-date with the latest trends of bold aesthetics, spathrooms, and health and wellbeing.

An increased focus on interior design is driving improved aesthetics of everything in the home, including the bathroom, with black interiors showing no sign of decreasing in popularity. Ventilation has traditionally been available in white but Vent-Axia’s on-trend Lo-Carbon Svara is available in black or white, meaning greater choice for the consumer and more options for matching their ventilation to their aesthetic.

An average extract fan operates at 35dB(A), which is loud in a confined space. Vent-Axia’s whisper quiet Silent Fan offers ultra-low sounds levels from just 12dB(A). The range also offers electricians flexibility, making install a breeze, since it is available with 17 different models including an IPX5-rating, variable speed models, humidistat options and both intermittent and continuous ventilation models, as well as the option of open and closed grilles. For a customer’s peace of mind, as well as a peaceful bathroom, the Silent Fan has been awarded Quiet Mark certification, which recognises the quietest solutions to unwanted noise.

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