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Axiom | Extension leads

If the need is for power away from permanently fitted sockets, Axiom has options to meet almost any requirement with its comprehensive range of 13 Amp extension leads, trailing sockets and blocks.

Extension leads start with simple one to two gang options and up to 15m of cable, but a total of 20+ variants up to 10 gang in size, includes leads with mini sockets, some four gangs with neons, individually switched or fused varieties and finally anti-surge leads with the largest 10 gang version being free-standing with neon.

Moving to trailing sockets, another wide range consists of one to eight gang sizes in three categories – standard fused and individually switched, standard and individually switched and standard switched with neon. One and two gang socket blocks complete this set.

New to this Axiom range is a free-standing pop-up tower socket with 3x13A sockets and two USB ports, plus a five gang extension lead with remote control.

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