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Axiom | Detector alarms

Axiom is upgrading its range of smoke, heat and Carbon Monoxide alarms with up-to-date technology and modern attractive designs – all CE and UK/CA approved.

Smoke and heat alarms comprise 10 year Lithium battery versions and mains power options complete with 9v alkaline battery back-up. Supplied with mounting brackets, this RF range pair seamlessly with each other and can link with up to 40 alarms.

The Carbon Monoxide alarm is a stand-alone sensor that detects CO from any combustion source. Powered by a 10 year Lithium battery and supplied with a wall mount, this alarm features an LED indicator and test/hush button.

Finally, comes the introduction of a wireless remote controller with test, silence and location functions, ideal for convenient control of triggered smoke or heat alarms. Fitted with a three year replaceable CR2450 battery, it’s tamper proof and simple to install.

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