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Scolmore continues to expand its Elucian consumer unit range to provide electricians with the broadest possible range of units and protective devices to cater for all installation requirements.

New to the range is a 25A rated RCBO which joins the extensive protective devices line-up.

An RCBO protects against a residual current or earth leakage when there is a break in a circuit through poor electrical wiring or an incident such as drilling through a cable. An RCBO also protects against an overcurrent in the form of an overload when too many devices are in use in the circuit, drawing an amount of power which exceeds the capacity of the breaker, or a short circuit which occurs when there is a short between the line and neutral conductors.

The Elucian RCBOs are compact single module devices that allow for additional space above to make it easier to install and terminate outgoing circuits. These devices are Type A rated offering a resilience when DC current is present.

The RCBO protective devices range comprises:

Type A Single Pole B Curve – 6A,10A,16A, 20A, (new 25A), 32A and 40A.

Type A 2 Module Double Pole B Curve – 45A, 50A and 63A.

Type A Single Pole C Curve.

Type A Double Pole C Curve.

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