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Unicrimp continues to expand its popular Q-Crimp range of cable accessories to provide installers with an increasing number of problem-solving products.

The latest additions are a Green Earth Inspection Box and Hexagon Plain Driller Screws.

Designed to house and help protect the connection to an earth point, the new Green Earth Inspection Box forms part of the company’s growing earthing rods and components range which was first introduced in 2019. Measuring 100x100x50mm, it is constructed from PA66 to provide high mechanical strength and it is supplied complete with lid, fixings and a safety label.

Joining Unicrimp’s extensive Q-Crimp range of fixings are the new Hexagon Head Plain Driller Screws. These robust screws are designed to save valuable installation time with no need for pre-drilling. Because they are self-drilling this eliminates the need for a pre-drilled pilot hole as the screw performs the drilling, tapping and fastening in one action. They are available in a large range of sizes from 4.8x13mm to 6.3x50mm. The 6.3x50mm comes in a pack size of 100, while all other sizes are in packs of 200.

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