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Anti-Static Floor Mat from First Mats

When working with sensitive electrical equipment, it’s essential to reduce the chances of it being critically damaged by a sudden electrostatic discharge (ESD). A great way to do this is with an Anti-Static Floor Mat, and a new model is now available from First Mats.

The primary job of an Anti-Static Mat is to protect workers and equipment by safely dissipating static electricity, preventing it from building up and discharging, which can damage circuit boards and other sensitive equipment.

However, the new ESD Deck-Mat from First Mats also makes for a great anti-fatigue Mat. Workers who spend most of their working day on their feet will be all too familiar with the aches and pains caused by long periods of being stationary on their feet, but anti-fatigue mats can make their work significantly more comfortable, leading to better well-being and productivity.

The new deck-mat features a soft, foam-based centre that helps relieve discomfort from standing, whilst a conductive vinyl top surface provides durability and protection for operatives and components from static discharges.

The ESD Deck-Mat is available in full 18.3m long rolls in widths of 90cm or 120cm or in custom lengths, which are cut from the roll and professionally finished with ramped edges and a 10mm male stud for earth wire connection.

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