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The vital role of safe isolation to ensure electrical security | Kasp

PEW hears from Kasp on the vital role of safe isolation in ensuring electrical security.

In the world of electrical work, safe isolation is a fundamental part of an electrician’s role – not only to protect circuits but to protect people’s lives.

While health and safety is already a top priority in high risk industries like construction, those who work regularly with known hazards can sometimes become complacent. In the electrical sector – the safe isolation of the electrical network cannot be overlooked.

It’s an essential but often underestimated aspect of the job and is a key step in ensuring that workers on site aren’t exposed to danger when working on or near live electrical systems. Safe isolation is a multi-step process that involves not only turning off the power but also locking out the circuit to prevent accidental reactivation.

Sadly, over 1,000 electricity-related accidents are reported to the HSE every year, 30 of which lead to fatal injuries. When dealing with live electricity, there’s no room for error, the only way to ensure everyone’s safety is by adopting thorough isolation procedures.

The opportunity for electrical wholesalers is clear; encouraging the usage of appropriate lock off devices as an essential piece of kit for professional electricians to protect themselves and others from potentially deadly consequences. The supply of this equipment is not only an opportunity to generate sales, but an opportunity to save lives.

Keep assets secure

With over 40 years of security expertise under its belt, Kasp is one of the UK’s leading security padlock, chain, and cable brands, created by Carl Kammerling International Ltd.

Kasp Lockout is a range of essential tools designed specifically with safe isolation in mind, to protect electricians and their colleagues from accidents at work. Every year, thousands of injuries at work occur during the repair or maintenance of machinery, and most are due to a failure to isolate energy sources. Kasp Lockout safeguards against a sudden release of energy, locking off energy sources using padlocks and physical security devices.

 Kasp Easifit MCB Lockout

This universal mini circuit breaker isolates single, double, and triple switches. Its simple installation uses no tools, and quickly protects against dangerous energy surges while maintenance and repairs are carried out.

To use, simply place the tool over the switch, tighten the easy-to-use thumb screw, rotate the screw toggle and lockout with a padlock. Made from quality, non-conductive material, the Kasp Easifit MCB Lockout is an essential part of any maintenance toolbox.

Kasp 812 Pin Lockout

Ideal for locking out wider miniature circuit breakers, this pin lockout uses a simple push button installation, so no tools are required. Made from high quality, non-conductive material, the pin lockout works with one padlock and fits a maximum shackle diameter of 6mm.

Kasp MCB Lockout Kit

This unique kit contains all the essential parts to lock off one mini circuit breaker. The kit includes an Easifit MCB Lockout, one 25mm brass padlock, a danger and identity tag, and a carabiner to hold the kit together. Essential Lockout Kit This kit is ideal for a broad range of circuit breakers, including those over 60 A. It’s easy to use and contains both the Easifit MCB Lockout and the Pin Out Wide Lockout. F

Fitting neatly into a sturdy red pouch with a carabiner for hands-free access, the kit also contains a 40mm red vinyl coloured brass padlock with brass shackle, a 25mm brass padlock, a lock off hasp, a tagout marker pen, and a danger tag.

Protection for electrician’s assets

According to Met Police data, nearly 35,000 tools were stolen in the capital city alone between January 2021 and October 2022. A third of those tools were stolen from vehicles. Kasp Van Locks provide the ultimate defence for tradespeople seeking to protect their vehicles.

Kasp 500 Van Lock and Hasp

Designed just for vans, the Kasp 500 Van Lock’s chrome plated hardened steel body gives incredible strength as well as protection from corrosion. A shrouded steel shackle offers the ultimate safeguard against hacksaw and cropping attacks, while its six-pin cylinder defends against lock picking.

With a corrosion resistant mechanism to protect against the elements, this is the ultimate van lock. Meanwhile, the hasp is made from zinc plated heavy duty steel, giving excellent security and protection against corrosion. It is supplied with fixing bolts and includes a nifty storage bracket to hold the padlock when the van is open.


Safe isolation is more than just a routine task for an electrician – it’s arguably the most important part of their role and demonstrates their commitment to prioritising the protection of others.

Electrical professionals should be actively encouraged to utilise the latest technologies and equipment available to them to make every day electrical work safer for all involved. The consequences of not doing so are simply too great.

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