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LIA update: IOT technical forum

The first in a series of updates from the Lighting Industry Association, the trade body will be keeping PEW readers informed of the latest happenings in the industry. This article looks at the latest technical forum provided by the LIA that focuses on the growing influence of the Internet of things in the built environment.

The Lighting Industry Association works for the benefit of the wider lighting industry through organising subject-focused Technical Committees made up of LIA Members and external experts who support the technical work of the Association.

Every year, the LIA Technical Committee organises Technical Forum that brings together industry’s key players and technical experts from the LIA Membership to discuss what’s new, whilst providing greater awareness of the latest technical issues facing the lighting industry.

When is it and what’s it about?

For 2019, at the end of January, the Technical Forum focused on IoT (Internet of Things).

IoT is at the cusp of bringing in a technological revolution to our buildings, and the key to all of this is lighting and its component parts.

The LIA’s Technical forum provided an introduction to IoT to the attending delegates and expanded on its wider application in the lighting of homes and offices, street lighting and emergency lighting. The forum looked at the entire lifecycle of an IoT product and how to provide support and maintenance for it. Presenters also highlighted key security issues and the corresponding responsibilities that come with the technology.


Find more information on the LIA’s Technical Committee, visit: www.thelia.org.uk/membership/committees

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