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Developing trusted relationships with DoorBird’s partner program

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Access control solutions are one of the fastest growing smart home sectors in the UK. Technology development changed how people can access their home – using apps, fingerprint scanners and contactless access control solutions. Here DoorBird stresses the importance of trusted relationships in this ever-changing market. 

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, efforts have continued to create a safe environment for people at their home and workplace. Big and small businesses have realised the benefits of installing door entry systems to control access to the buildings. Schools, hospitals, medical offices, shopping centres and other public institutes have been searching for means to reduce the transmission of the virus. In today’s ever-changing business climate, trusted relationships between manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers can ensure long-term success. The DoorBird Partner Program is tailor-made to make this concept possible.

DoorBird Partner Program

Success starts with the customer, which is why DoorBird offers comprehensive training to all new partners. The company, inspired by the recent pandemic, has overhauled their Partner Program, to focus on creating lasting partnerships and help electricians, architects and wholesalers create their own safety net in today’s challenging business environment.

As a partner you will be able to receive feedback and product training. If you have any questions about your individual project, DoorBird will consult you prior, during and after the purchase.

The Partner Program also helps companies grow their own individual brand by being associated with DoorBird. Partners can list DoorBird as an official partner on their website and other platforms. Installers are welcome to send images of their installation projects, which are regularly posted on DoorBird’s social media channels. Each post includes a link to the partner webpage and social media channel.

“The program focusses on helping partner’s growth directly. With new project requests by customers or businesses, DoorBird always reaches out to trustworthy partners to facilitate these projects in a timely manner.”

The program focusses on helping partner’s growth directly. With new project requests by customers or businesses, DoorBird always reaches out to trustworthy partners to facilitate these projects in a timely manner.

The DoorBird Partner Program is directed to electricians, installers and wholesalers of security, audio/visual, and smart home products.

Products and solutions

DoorBird’s “Made in Germany” is not only a seal of quality, but a philosophy. All DoorBird IP video door stations are designed and manufactured in Berlin to ensure the highest quality, longevity and customer satisfaction. The IP video stations come in many different designs and colours, leaving nothing to be desired. The product line includes models for single-family houses and multi-tenant buildings. Customers can choose models with one or more call buttons with different engraving, keypad, info module, RFID field or display which can show the digital name directory. So, no matter the scope of the business, DoorBird fits right in.

Complemented by the IP video indoor station and connected to mobile devices, the IP intercom becomes a complete solution for the intelligent door. Visitors are announced by push notification on the user’s smart device – smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android. Using the free DoorBird app, residents can see and speak to every visitor and remotely open the door.

DoorBird is a leader in IP video door communication and the brand name of Bird Home Automation Group. The company develops and manufactures premium IP video door stations, door chimes, indoor stations and other add-on products. The headquarters and production site are located in Berlin, Germany, and there is a sales office in San Francisco, USA. Worldwide more than 100,000 intercoms have been installed so far. All products are made in Germany and combine modern design, high-quality materials and state-of-the-art IP technology.

To become a partner all you need to do, is complete a registration form at https://www.doorbird.com/en/partner and agree to the terms and conditions.

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