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WISKA’s alternatives to standard cable glands


WISKA produces one of the widest ranges of cable glands, grommets and entries to provide a solution to the wiring of 18th Edition compliant consumer units. In this article, the company takes a closer look at its range of entries and grommets and how they can be used as an alternative to standard cable glands.

TKS 32 – Membrane Tail Kit Solution

The TKS 32 is a direct result of WISKA listening to the demands of users and developing a product to suit those needs. One major issue that WISKA kept hearing was the size of the cable gland and its general “bulky” appearance when used in consumer units. The TKS offers a simple, quick fitting solution for tails, it has an M32 entry with 4 entries offering IP66 protection and cable retention to EN 62444. The TKS 32 is suitable for 16 or 25 tails and 10 or 16mm earth.

How does it work?

The TKS 32 is simply pushed into the entry point (no locknut is required) then pierce the required entry and insert tails or earth. The TKS 32 is quick and easy to install, and its low-profile design allows for a flush fitting helping to save on space.

Since its launch in 2017 the TKS 32 has gone on to win Professional Electrician & Installer Magazine’s Top Product Award as well the Electrical Industry Award for Domestic and Residential Product of the Year.

“At WISKA we are always looking to create solutions that offer an advantage over existing products on the market, the TKS 32 is a prime example of this” comments Callum Wilson, Distribution Business Development & Training. “The TKS 32 offers all the same features and benefits of a conventional cable gland tail kit solution however, its functionality, speed and low-profile design offer benefits that help everyone from wholesaler, electrician and consumer.”

QUIXX (EMT-F Kits) and QUIXX – Grommet Solutions

WISKA offer two excellent grommet options for the wiring of 18th Edition consumer units. The first is QUIXX – EMT-F Kit – these are flame retardant, IP66 push-in grommets that come in a pack with various sizes (8 x M20, 3 x M25 and 3 x M32). Quick and easy to use, simply push the QUIXX grommet into your entry (as with the TKS 32 no locknut is required) pierce the membrane and insert your cable (ensuring you pull back slightly to get a good seal around the cable and membrane). QUIXX EMT-F can be used for single or multiple cables. The other alternative to QUIXX EMT-F is CLIXX. CLIXX offers IP66/67 protection and the added bonus of cable retention to EN 62444. Available in M16, M20 and M25 sizes CLIXX is designed for single cables only and can be used with twin and earth. CLIXX is simply pushed into your entry (no locknut required), pierce membrane and insert cables. CLIXX offers 75% assembly time saving compared to regular cable glands.

As you can see, WISKA can offer an excellent range of high-quality solutions for cable entries on 18th Edition consumer units. To find out more about these products and display stand solutions for your WISKA Tail Kits contact WISKA UK Ltd direct on 01208 816062 or via e-mail info@wiska.co.uk, or visit https://www.wiska.co.uk/

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