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Why your customers will love infrared heating

Mo Hanslod, CEO at Bri-Tek Technologies, talks to PEW about infrared heating – how it works, the rise in its popularity and why your customers will love it.

Every so often, a new technology comes along and infrared heating (otherwise known as far-infrared heating) is the latest game-changer. In Germany and Norway, infrared heating is already widely used in domestic and commercial applications. Now, as people begin to see its many benefits, it is growing in popularity in the UK.

Traditional heating works by convection – it warms the air of the building making it both costly and inefficient. This method also increases the spread of dust allergens and has a drowsy effect making you feel more tired.

That warm feeling

So what are the advantages of infrared heating? One of the main advantages to this type of technology is that the heating is directional – i.e. it warms you and the fabric of the building, rather than the air, creating a more efficient heating space. The panels provide instant heating as they emit heat after only 30 seconds of turning them on.

To describe how infrared heat feels, imagine when you walk outside and feel the warmth of the sun. How does that make you feel? Now imagine having that same feel-good factor indoors. Infrared heating brings the happiness factor of the sun into your home and workplace. Infrared technology converts almost 100% of electrical energy to heat whilst using only half the power compared to conventional heaters in order to warm a space.

Energy efficiency isn’t the only reason you should consider stocking infrared heaters. Below are the top seven reasons why infrared technology is so exciting:

-It helps with poor circulation and boosts your immune system.

-There is far less movement of air, meaning that there is less dust and allergens circulating around the room. This means it is good for homes, offices and is a great solution for surgeries and hospitals.

-Panels can be customised according to individual needs e.g. in a hospital the patient can have control over the heating around their bed space. Each panel can be hung over a bed, and the temperature can be adjusted to meet the requirements of each patient.

-Infrared panels have the added benefit of preventing mould formation on walls.

-In listed buildings where the types of heating can be installed is restricted, infrared is ideal.

-Easy installation. The panels run solely on electricity and do not require a boiler or additional pipework (this should be music to the ears of electricians). This makes it far easier and cheaper to install than wet central heating systems. There are very few parts to a panel, so servicing and maintenance are not required.

-Customised panels – the panels can be made bespoke to each customer. Whether it’s your favourite painting, logo or photograph, each panel can be customised to create an awesome design feature for your living space.

Top selling points

So to summarise, infrared panels are easy to install, super-efficient, can be made bespoke and are very versatile. Your customers will have the answer to any questions whether they are working on domestic, commercial or industrial jobs – no one will be going cold this winter!


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