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Tridonic unveils new premium GEN4 LED driver

Tridonic introduces a new LED driver in the high-power category for industrial applications. The combination of high power output and excellent software results in efficient, reliable and connected lighting even in demanding industrial environments.

The LCI 220/500-1400/300 pD NF h28 PRE4 driver from the new GEN4 platform with its 220 W output is designed for use in harsh environments, especially in industrial applications.

In production halls, for example, it offers reliable lighting even at very high or very low temperatures thanks to its wide operating temperature range from minus 40 to plus 75 degrees Celsius.

Service life is specified as up to 100,000 hours at an ambient temperature of 65 degrees Celsius.

Industrial halls with high ceilings require high light output, so the LED driver generates high output power. The 220 W driver is equipped with an integrated inrush current limiter that restricts the surge of the inrush current.

Manufacturers of luminaires for use in industrial environments benefit from the uniquely high power range of up to 220 W.

With the PRE4 driver they can design a single lamp with a single driver to deliver enormous luminous flux of up to 40,000 lumens. It also means luminaire production is simpler and less costly.

The new GEN4 driver is a dimmable constant current driver with integrated DALI bus power supply for D4i luminaires. Each of the new GEN4 drivers can provide DiiA standardized lighting, energy and diagnostic data via a DALI-2 interface.

The new 220 W Generation 4 driver offers simple configuration via the NFC interface for dimmable industrial drivers. Thanks to companionSUITE software from Tridonic, programming is simple. Multiple devices can be programmed simultaneously to save time in production.

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