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Travel through time with Linian – Faster, safer, simpler

PEW takes a look at the rise of family company, Linian, whose mission has been to provide installers with a more efficient way of meeting compliance standards with reliable, time-saving products.

The original LINIAN FireClip was created back in 2006 by Wes Arbuckle. Wes knew there was a better way of installing cable – one which was faster, safer and simpler. The FireClip has become synonymous with LINIAN’s brand and the design patented – there’s no other product out there like it, the company says.

Just as unique as the FireClip is the family behind the business. Wes Arbuckle named the business after his two children, Lynne and Ian. Together with his wife Jean, these days the four family members are Directors of the company and together they face the challenges of growing a booming business. Each family member brings a unique skillset to the business and together, they’re looking forward to new projects and conquering new challenges in 2020.

What’s on offer

In addition to the Fire Clip, 2019 saw the introduction of two new product ranges for LINIAN. The SuperClip and the T&E Clip were both created to solve new problems in industry.

LINIAN SuperClips are suitable for conduit, armoured & grouped cables and can be used across all substrates. LINIAN T&E Clips are suitable for flat twin & CPC cabling across all substrates. The coloured coating options means all LINIAN clips are almost invisible once installed making them perfect for residential use.

The key difference with LINIAN is their focus on safety. Creating safe products is at the heart of everything LINIAN does, and its range of clips is designed to save lives. Ian Arbuckle, LINIAN Managing Director, is an Electrical Design Engineer with over 15 years of experience, membership of IET, and in-depth knowledge of technical standards including BSI British Standards, European Standards and Building regulations. Ian confirms: “Our products have been independently tested to meet the highest technical standards and fire regulations in the UK and Europe.”

In addition to this, the fact they’ve created a single-component solution to fixings means installers don’t need a toolbox filled with plugs, screws and washers. LINIAN clips have multiple applications and customers are always coming up with new ways of using the products from anchor fixing for wire suspension rope or combining with stainless-steel cable ties, to fixing trunking to the wall. Whatever the requirements, the clips are versatile, neat, and safe.

LINIAN in 2019

“2019 was a brilliant year for LINIAN,” says Ian. “Our biggest moment was launching two new ranges of products – the SuperClip and T&E Clips. It’s been great to show these off at trade shows across the country. Plus, the trade shows are always a great way of catching up with customers – new and old.

Lynne has always been proud to champion gender balance, diversity and equality.  In 2019, she was appointed as an ambassador for Women in Construction.  She also took a trip to the US with Unlocking Ambition which was really inspiring and the lessons she brought back really changed our focus.”

In addition to launching the new products, LINIAN developed and introduced a coating plant. The state-of-the-art coating plant means the coating on the clips is even more robust than before.

2019 also saw the LINIAN team grow to include additional staff and a network of UK and Irish based agents. LINIAN expanded its distribution network across the UK, Ireland and internationally, and started forging closer relationships with this growing network of wholesalers’. The team now offers support at Breakfast meetings and events, and by providing samples, marketing materials, blogs, contractor visits and sales leads. Wholesalers will also be the first to access to new products which Directors Wes, Jean, Lynne and Ian are hard at work developing for launch in 2020.

Looking ahead to LINIAN 2020

What’s in store for LINIAN in 2020?

In 2020, the team hopes to build on the successes of 2019, and develop LINIAN’s international distribution network. As Ian states, “Our clips are the preferred method for a growing number of installers and specifiers. Our vision is to become the industry standard, not just in the UK and Europe, but globally”.

Ian will be participating in the Silicon Valley International Connections for Growth Programme (3rd -7th Feb 2020), coordinated by Unlocking Ambition, Entrepreneurial Scotland and FutureX. During this immersive five day programme, Ian will gain unique access, insights, and valuable face-to-face time with some of the leaders and legal experts behind Silicon Valley’s most innovative and successful businesses. Ian and the LINIAN team are eager to put this knowledge to good use over the coming year.

Without giving any big secrets away, there are also a few projects ticking along which should make for very big news when they’re announced. With innovation and safety at the heart of LINIAN, you can rest assured LINIAN will be conquering problems you have not even encountered yet.

Fact File:

Company Address:

34-38 Payne Street

Port Dundas Trading Estate

Glasgow G4 0LF


Telephone:  0141 465 4858

Website: www.linianclip.co.uk

Company vision: With the LINIAN Fire Rated Cable Clip, you can save time, money and lives. This single installation Fire Rated Cable Clip provides simple, rapid, robust and fireproof means of fixing cables to construction materials. The result of years of advanced technical research and direct experience, the LINIAN Fire Rated Cable Clip offers major advantages to the installer.


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