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Toolstation launches new ad to celebrate UK tradespeople

Toolstation has launched a new brand ad to celebrate the skills of key tradespeople across the UK and remind viewers of the tough tasks they face.

The latest iteration of the Tools & More brand campaign, which was launched in March this year, shows a female electrician being called out to an emergency at a West Country farm in what appears to be a quintessentially English country scene to fix an electric fence.

The electrician goes into action mode as she realises that this is no ordinary escaped animal, and on completing the job, she and the farmer have contained the asset.

Greg Richardson, Head of Marketing, Toolstation, said: “We wanted to show that we understand and appreciate the unexpected situations faced by our trade customers, and while it’s not every day they encounter a T-Rex on the loose, it does nod to an everyday truth – that our role is to equip tradespeople with everything they need to get the job done. We want to celebrate our tradespeople with this new TV spot, and to remind consumers of our core purpose at the same time.”

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