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How can we reduce energy waste? | Timeguard

As we continue down the road towards economic recovery there’s a market hungry for straightforward, affordable control of energy-guzzling appliances, says Timeguard.

 The costs of recovery from the shock of the pandemic are coming home to roost, and it’s clear that anything that can reduce energy waste is going to be welcome – especially when it is an affordable and easy solution. Integrated smart home controls are one thing, but few of us have home cinemas and multiple living rooms. Most of your customers just want to be sure that things don’t get left on all day or night – and Timeguard can help you to help them, as it has done for years.

Get a boost

What could be simpler therefore for making sure devices like fixed heaters, towel rails, immersion heaters etc., aren’t left running expensively and unnecessarily than the new push-button digital count-down timers from Timeguard. These new digital controls enable users to choose the ideal duration for an appliance to be switched on, and to be able to set it at the push of a single button and to be able to see at a glance how long is left; and add some extra boost or change their mind and switch off if required. They fit the bill perfectly and they are an easy install.

Two new members of the Timeguard ‘BoostMaster’ family have recently been introduced – they are rated at 13A (3kW) and will fit into a standard flush or surface mount 25mm back box. There are 2 hour and four hour versions and the ON time can be chosen in 15 minute increments. The large backlit display then counts down minute by minute. The new devices have also been tested and rated for up to 100W of LED lighting.

The big-display BoostMaster models join the original Timeguard electronic boost timers, which have a column of LED lights rather than minute-by-minute digital displays. These are available with or without integral fused spurs.


Precision timing

Where more precise timing is required, or users want appliances to switch on when they are out, the FST Fused Spur Timer with fully programmable electronic time control fits the bill perfectly, neatly replacing a standard fused spur which probably already exists adjacent to the appliance you wish to control, so there’s no extra wiring. You can choose between 24-hour models or 7-day programming to cater for people’s different weekday and weekend lifestyle patterns, and there’s a Timeguard boost button to get a little extra heat or power without having to override the programming.

Getting control of appliances that you need to come on and off every day can be a major concern and the good news is that adding the accuracy of electronic time control does not have to mean getting to grips with the sequencing of setting timing programmes. While that has become so much easier and more intuitive over the years, it is still troublesome to some of us, particularly older people. Timeguard even offers the option of an analogue ‘interface’ to electronic time control, with the added benefit of boost timing and interchangeability with old Economy 7 units, making it particularly popular with people who are concerned about managing their use of power at peak times.

Time control is always the foundation of energy saving solutions, and ideals like these help installers to provide something that that will have immediate impact on users’ consumption and their bills.

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