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Time is money

As a wholesaler, earning a customer’s trust and their loyalty relies on being able to really get into their world, find out what’s important to them and find the places where you can add value. Often this comes down to delivering on the basics of helping them to save money, save time or maybe both.

To do this well, it’s vital to have a good understanding of both the type of work your customers undertake, and to be up to speed on any new product developments that can offer the contractor a time or money saving solution.

Products designed for efficiency are bread and butter for Super Rod and our #worksmarter mantra highlights the fact that installers shouldn’t have to struggle to complete their work or put in more hours than is necessary. There’s often a better, more efficient way to complete laborious tasks. And if there isn’t, it’s probably on our to do list to invent something that can improve it!

Time saving tools

In 2000 we started making the UK’s original cable routing rods right here in Wales. Back then, trunking lid was the preferred method of pulling cables – for some it still is! A few years later our routing sets earned us a Queens Award for Innovation for saving UK contractors some 9 million hours in a single year, so it’s fair to say we understand time saving tools better than anyone.

Our research shows that installers could save themselves 30 minutes every day by using our cable routing rods and attachments – this is the selling point you are looking for! If you spark up a conversation with a customer about tricky routing jobs, showing them a rod set could really be a game changer for them, and that 2-3 minute conversation could save them hundreds of hours over the course of a year, as well as securing you a sale.

Benefits, not just features

Of course, the outlay on a premium product like a Mega Set or perhaps a Ferret Wifi inspection camera and pulling tool might not seem at first like it’s going to save the installer money – in fact, it will look very much like they are spending it. This is when wholesalers need to be prepared with follow up information based around benefits, not just features.

Think – how else can this product save my customer time or money?

Take Super Rod’s new QuikReel for example, it’s a vertical cable dispensing tool, which dispenses cable quickly and smoothly to make wiring jobs more efficient, saving time. However it has the added benefit of protecting the drum, so if an installer pays for a 100m roll, they will use it all – avoiding the cost and inconvenience of have to put the last 10m in the skip because the drum got damaged.

We estimate the payback for a QuikReel is a matter of weeks, taking into account time saved on installations as well as the financial benefits of using a whole reel every time. For the wholesaler, you can talk the customer through the time saving benefits of a new cable dispenser and follow up with the money saving angle. How can they refuse!

Your customers trust you to provide them with products that help them spend their money wisely – so take that responsibility and find ways to deliver a value-added service, and you’ll soon find that time and money savings are your key to better customer service and sales.


To see some of the Super Rod products in action, visit: www.rdr.link/WH009




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