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CEF | Socket Tester Holder

CEF has launched a new industry product, designed by a loyal CEF customer. The JAKODA Socket Tester Holder, created by Duncan Thomson, using components from his local store, is now available to purchase across 400+ CEF branches and online.

Duncan, an electrician himself, has solved a significant problem for professionals in the industry – socket testers being damaged while loose in tool bags. After years of frustration and replacements, Duncan took to creating his own solution, using components sourced from his local CEF Bideford branch, and innovatively put together at his kitchen table, the STH was created.

After introducing the product to his local store and a few posts on his Instagram page, Surf Bay Spark, it quickly gained popularity in his local area and with tradesmen around the UK. He continued producing them at home and eventually, as demand grew bigger, he was approached by one of CEF’S own suppliers, Super Rod, to assist.

This led to the partnership which has seen the JAKODA Holder produced and sold in CEF’s 400+ branches throughout the country, as well as on the brands website, making his product available to tradespeople all over the UK.

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