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Thorneco | High bay lighting

THORNeco’s popular high bay Boris has been given an upgrade.

Powerful yet gentle, Boris is the ideal solution for high ceilings and open areas and now boasts improved efficiency up to 162lm/w. Featuring high output and low glare at <25 UGR Boris offers the right balance of power and comfort.

Thanks to improved efficiency, Boris is a great replacement for conventional lighting where energy savings of greater than 50% vs traditional solutions are possible.

Boris has now gone FLEX so it’s easier than ever to stock and use. Thanks to the lumen switch located directly on the fitting you can decide your lumen package directly on site.

As you’d expect from a THORNeco product, Boris offers hassle free quick connect installation as well as being super versatile thanks to emergency and sensor version plug in kits. When it comes to emergency, Boris’s new plug and play E3 Emergency kit now comes with the latest battery technology (including a three year battery warranty)

Boris also comes with corridor functionality. This means both stand by time and dimming level functionality can be used further helping to reduce energy costs by only lighting a space when needed.

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