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Integral LED celebrates 10 years

Integral LED has reached a major milestone in the history of the company – its 10th anniversary.

When Integral LED was founded 10 years ago many people were surprised by the apparent change in direction. Having been active in the memory sector since 1989, Integral was well respected, known for having a deep understanding of the industry and the semiconductor technology which makes memory tech tick. However, LEDs shifted the lighting industry into the electronics sector and if there is one thing Integral knew it was electronics and technology. Both being reliant on semiconductors, the foundations of the products were very similar with comparable problems, trends and lifecycles.

To stand by this intention Integral heavily in testing and training before launching a single product. Over a quarter of a million pounds was spent on facilitating an on-site lighting laboratory so that a multi-stage testing and quality assurance process could be implemented. Tested at sample stage, pre- and post- production and endorsed by the Lighting Industry Association’s Quality Assurance mark, Integral’s testing and quality control ensures that any product holding the Integral LED name backs the promise to provide trusted lighting solutions.

Looking to the future and the next 10 years, Integral believes there are exciting times ahead – the company will continue to grow its product offering and its new logistics facility in Calverton, Nottinghamshire, promises to improve service to its customers.

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