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The North East Gets Charging with SyncEV

Businesses in the north east of England have been fitted with BG SyncEV chargers thanks to trusted BG SyncEV installers, Get Charging.

One such business is Auto Electrics (Teesside) in Stockton-on-Tees, who have three new electric vehicle chargers for their fleet of company vehicles.

Auto Electrics (Teesside) Ltd are the top auto electrical specialists in the North East of England for the vehicle, plant, and marine industries.

With assistance from the Government’s EV infrastructure scheme, three BG SyncEV chargers were installed at the company’s headquarters, two being installed outside and one being installed inside the working garage space.

“When choosing what EV charger is right for the job, we look at what the client needs and how we can match that to a charger,” said Get Charging’s Sam Armanios.

“With Auto Electrics Teesside, we chose to use the BG SyncEV charger because of its versatility and its integration with the EV management platform Monta, which makes the charging process simple and very straightforward for our clients. It is compact and can easily integrate into any environment and fit the branding of the company with interchangeable faceplates.

“We have a specific aesthetic when installing our chargers which includes custom trunking and wall mounting and BG SyncEV is a great option to match this. With Auto Electrics Teesside, we chose to use a blue trunking on the outside of the building and a silver metal trunking on the inside to match each space. The BG Sync EV charger also has base and rear entry points, so we have multiple options for installation.”


Sam added: “Another way the chargers are versatile, which benefitted the business in this instance is the availability of RFID key fobs. This means that staff can easily use the chargers without having to download an app to control them, so when they are swapping and using different vehicles each day, the available key fobs make charging simpler and easier.”


BG SyncEV chargers can be customised to fit any home or business with two different power output options, 7.4kW Type 2 or 22kW Type 2-phase, either a socketed or tethered connection and can be connected through Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi & 4G, Wi-Fi & RFID, or all three – Wi-Fi, 4G and RFID.

Sam said: “We included BG SyncEV as one of Get Charging’s chargepoint options because we wanted something reliable, quick and looks good. The BG SyncEV chargers look neat, aren’t bulky and the design makes them less intrusive than some other chargepoints.”

Auto Electrics (Teesside) received a government grant as part of the EV Infrastructure Grant Scheme for the installation of the EV charging points.

The EV Infrastructure Scheme provides support for organisations towards the cost of installing electric vehicle chargepoint sockets at their sites. The scheme covers up to 75 per cent of the total costs of the installing future infrastructure for EV charge points with £500 towards each future parking space and £350 for each charge point installed.

Eligible applicants can include businesses, charities, public sector organisations, and small accommodation businesses.

All chargepoints must be installed by an OZEV certified installer, like Get Charging, and an authorised chargepoint, of which BG SyncEV models are included.

Mike Wilson, Co-Owner of Auto Electrics (Teesside) Ltd, said: “We are really happy with both the installation or our EV chargepoints and the product is great. We use the chargers for our company vehicles, but we also have the option to use them for customer vehicles, if necessary, thanks to the ease of access of where they are installed around our site.

“We found out about the EV Infrastructure Grant Scheme through Get Charging who explained the whole scheme and helped us with the application. This really subsidised the costs and allowed us to have these chargers installed for the future of our business.”

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